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Comp-Pros understands that patients hold physicians and healthcare providers to a higher standard. And since your new website is the first impression you will make on patients, it's crucial that you have an online presence that reflects your reputation. Not all medical website design firms are created equally, and our team knows that physician websites require a special touch. That’s why we work with doctors to design websites that meet their needs. Keep scrolling to see some of our most recent work.

Our medical website design firm creates professional, visually appealing websites without any extra fluff or gimmicks. We take the time to research your client demographic, so our medical web designers can create pages that give visitors all the information they need in as direct a format as possible. A properly designed website draws the visitor's eye naturally down the page, holding their attention long enough to find strategically placed call-to-actions. These can include easy-to-find contact forms, prominently placed maps, phone numbers, emails, and everything clients need to go from your new website to your physical office.

Comp-Pros’ medical website design firm knows how to build websites that convert visitors into actual clients. When you hire Comp-Pros to design a new medical website, your website design package includes features like:


  • Customized website design with call-to-actions
  • Mock-up designs sent to you for review and approval
  • A custom mobile website
  • A live link on our private server for you to track your new website's progress in real-time
  • Fully responsive design that auto adjusts your website to all sized devices and screens
  • A run-through of our 100-point checklist to ensure your site meets modern website standards
  • An additional quality assurance check before going live
  • Customized tutorials to help you easily manage and update your website in the future
  • Website maintenance services offered after completion

Comp-Pros expert website developers have worked with Fortune 500 companies and local businesses, including a diverse range of healthcare providers. We've carefully developed our 100-point checklist for designing medical websites that meet the latest visual and functionality standards. Not only will our affordable web designers create a custom, professional website with serious curb appeal, but we also fine-tune the backend of your website to make sure that it's optimized for search engines like Google.

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