At Comp-Pros, we specialize in DC Jack repairs and replacements. We have experience with all model laptops, including:

  • Asus DC Jack Repair
  • Acer DC Jack Repair
  • Dell DC Jack Repair
  • HP DC Jack Repair
  • Alienware DC Jack Repair
  • Lenovo DC Jack Repair
  • Toshiba DC Jack Repair
  • MacBook Pro DC Jack Repair
  • all other laptop model DC Jack Repairs.

Over time, plugging a charger into the laptop port repeatedly might damage or loosen the DC jack/charging port on a laptop. Sometimes the charging port on the laptop becomes so loose that it no longer can take in a charge. Other times, the charging port/DC jack on a laptop actually breaks off inside the laptop, without having much visible damage.

With our experience at Comp-Pros, we can determine whether or not the laptop DC jack/charging port can be repaired, resoldered, or even replaced. We always calculate the costs of doing a DC jack repair and let our clients know whether or not it is worth the laptop to fix the issue or not. Additionally, if we think that a resolder will only temporarily fix the issue, we will let the client know this as well so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to spend the money repairing their computer. Our honest and expertise has gotten us many reviews on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Places — which is why we rank #1 in LA for our services and professionalism.

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